Leigh-Allyn Baker

American actress Leigh-Allyn Baker is primarily known for her TV work, which includes playing Ellen in the hit NBC sitcom ‘Will & Grace’, and starring as Amy Duncan in the sitcom ‘Good Luck Charlie’ on the Disney Channel. She has also appeared in movies and undertaken voice work for many video games.

Leigh-Allyn Baker was born in Murray, Kentucky, in the early 1970s, and, following her marriage to Keith James Kauffman, an executive in the entertainment industry, Leigh-Allyn has also gone by the name Leigh-Allyn Kauffman. The couple have two young sons – Griffin and Baker James.

Following her appearances in films in the mid-1990s, Leigh-Allyn Baker’s career took off in 1998, when she appeared in both ‘Will & Grace’ and the supernatural series ‘Charmed’, where she played the character Hannah Webster. Leigh-Allyn Baker is also the voice behind characters Abby the Cow and Etta the Hen, among others, in Nickelodeon’s ‘Back at the Barnyard’ animated series. Since 2007 her voice has been featured in 61 episodes of the children’s favourite. She also voiced the Margie character in ‘American Dad!’ Among the other TV shows Leigh-Allyn Baker has appeared on are ‘Boston Legal’, ‘My Name Is Earl’, ‘House’, and ‘Hannah Montana’.

In ‘Good Luck Charlie‘, Leigh-Allyn Baker’s character is a married nurse who, along with her

In "Good Luck Charlie" Leigh Allen Baker plays a nurse and mother of a family.

In “Good Luck Charlie” Leigh Allen Baker plays a nurse who´s the mother of a big family at the same time.

husband Bob, played by Eric Allan Kramer, struggle to cope when their fourth child, Charlie Duncan, arrives. In desperation, Charlie’s parents ask their three children – PJ (played by Jason Dolley), Gabe (played by Bradley Steven Perry), and Teddy (played by Bridgit Mendler) to help bring up their sister.

In ‘Good Luck Charlie’ a video diary is made by Teddy, and is aimed at Charlie, with the intention of her finding the entries useful when she gets older. The phrase ‘Good Luck Charlie’ is mentioned at the end of each video diary entry. When a fifth child, Toby, is born into the family, Gabe then makes a video diary for him.

To date, Leigh-Allyn Baker has appeared in all 89 episodes of ‘Good Luck Charlie’, and she also appeared in the 2011 movie spin-off of the show, ‘Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas’.

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